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PKMN-E : Round One, Soldier Vs. Passion. by ChaChaFox PKMN-E : Round One, Soldier Vs. Passion. by ChaChaFox
Round one entry for :iconpokemon-earth:

:iconchachafox: vs. :iconfrozeninmotion:

Ugh, I reaaally wish my laptop wasn't broken, I could've made this better. Stupid scanner ruined my beautiful bright colors. Oh well :iconmingplz:

Okay! This here is Soldier the Growlithe versus Passion the Arcanine. I was gonna do the same ol' "Fire vs. Steel" thing, but I ended up doing fire vs fire. And isn't a growlithe fighting a arcanine awesome anyway? :iconohohoplz:

Onto the stoooory~

Kiki looked around the arena as she was waiting for her battle to start. It was a large, circular arena shaped as a pokeball. The center button was a pool of water, and surrounding it were two different environments: a grassland and a desert one.

She saw the opponent who she was going up against, Josue. He waved to her, as she returned the gesture. Then there was a loud beep, signaling to the trainers that the tournament was about to begin. Crap. This scared Kiki; would she be able to win, or will she fail miserably? No. She was determined to do her best and that was that.

Who was she going to use for the first battle? She thought about Jagger, but a sudden light shot from her pikachu backpack. It was Soldier who decided to come out and bark at his trainer. She sighed, then looked down. "You wanna battle? I don't think that's a goo-" She stopped in mid sentence when a howl erupted in her ears. She turned her focus onto the pokemon that made it, and realized it was a Arcanine. "Damn, sorry Soldier, you've gotta sit this one out...Hmm, Guess I'll use Monster- "

The announcer broke her thoughts though, "Here you all are! The first battle is Kiki's Soldier against Josue's Passion! Begin!"

Kiki shook her head as she got herself pumped up. "Okay, lets do this then! Soldier, use flare blitz!" The growlithe nodded his head and surrounded himself in flames and charged at Passion. It was a direct hit, but it did little to no damage to her. Soldier landed and winced at the pain using the move caused. He shook his body as the Arcanine disappeared.

Soldier looked confused and yelped when he was tackled by Passion's extreme speed. He staggered to his feet when another extreme speed hit him. Kiki called out to the poor pup, "Are you alright Soldier? It's fast, but you've gotta use your ears! Heat wave!"

Soldier closed his eyes and listened. He heard Passion's footsteps as she charged towards him and he exhaled embers and heat into her face. That momentarily stopped her, and he launched himself at her, and clamped his jaws down, sending large amounts of heat into the Arcanine, but she was unaffected by that. He then let go and jumped back.

Kiki was worried, 'his attacks aren't doing anything...Wait! We've beaten fire pokemon before with fire, we can do it again!' Kiki cupped her hands and shouted to the pup,"Run Soldier! Get yourself into the desert area!"

Soldier woofed and did as he was told, sprinting as fast as his little legs could take him into the sandy area, "Good, now use that momentum you've built up to get yourself up onto one of those rocks and then use flame wheel!"

He ran towards one of the largest rocks and ran up the side. Soldier exhaled fire as he was running, and he let the flames surround his body as he jumped off the rock and toward Passion.

"Passion, use thunder fang!" Passion roared and let electricity fill her mouth and jumped towards Soldier.

Both trainers watched with worried eyes to see whose attack would be stronger and would win the battle.
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AmigurumiSiri Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2012
cool :D
MerionMinor Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student General Artist
Nice work on the flames! :D
ChaChaFox Featured By Owner Sep 24, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thank you! :iconletmehugyouplz:
LilDezzi Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome pic! :D
SailorUsagiChan Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2012
Really nice picture, you need an awesome fight scene :) Coloring is really nice too.
AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2012
Epic pic and story! :'D
ChaChaFox Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012  Student Digital Artist
thank you so much C':
AutumnPalette Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2012
No prob :3
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