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By :icondarksliverrose:

1. You must post these rules.
2. Each character must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten NEW questions for the characters you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose *10* characters to tag and post their icons on your journal. >:C
5. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
6. No tag backs.
7. No garbage in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this." You LEGITIMATELY have to tag 10 characters! >:I

1) What is your favorite type of animal? why?

:iconcutefoxplz: Its absolutely adorable! :3

2)Sonic/ Sonic characters fan?

Haven't played sonic in the longest, but my favorite character is Tails~

3)How long have you been on DeviantArt

Before I left, two years, but now that I'm back, its like, two weeks.

4)Had a good day?

Every day is a good day~

5)favorite movie?

The lion king!

6)Did you know the mermaids are evil?

:iconohnoesplz: Whut? WHYYYYYYY! :iconotlplz:

7)Go on Youtube often?


8)have you ever tried to do something new but failed at it? tell me please :#

.........................I tried to make cupcakes, but left them in the oven too long :'D

9)what was the first artwork you have ever done

..Stick doodles!

10) What do you see in the clouds?

I seeeeeeee rainbows and unicorns~

My ten questions:

1.) Dinosaurs or unicorns?
2.) Whats your favorite ice cream flavor?
3.) Ninja or pirate?
4.) Do you believe in magic?
5.) Oh noes! Zombies are attacking! What will you do?!
6.) The cake is a lie.
7.) Name one moment where you felt like a boss. Describe it, please~
8.) Hamburgers or hotdogs?
9.) Do something random! Now what did that feel like?
10.) Whats your favorite color?

I taaaaaaaaag (Since I'm lazeh, Imma tag these peoples):
  • Listening to: Muse - Space Dementia
  • Reading: post >3>
  • Watching: pokemon!
  • Playing: pokemon mystery dungeon
  • Eating: chocolate chip waffles~
  • Drinking: milk
DarkSliverRose Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
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